These words are true symbolism of UBUNTU (Humanity). An African proverb which means we are all bound together in ways that are invisible to the eye, that there is oneness to humanity, that we achieve ourselves by sharing with others and caring for those around us. The essence of love comes from its positive affection which contributes to a person’s emotional, mental and well-being. Our destiny is not determined by the current state in which our continent finds itself in but rather by the strong hearts of those who strive for an even better and brighter tomorrow for all

Facts About Our Settlement

The name of this informal settlement is called NOMZAMO PARK it was named after the second wife to the late Mr. NELSON MANDELA (NOMZAMO WINNIE MADIKIZELA -MANDELA ) 5000 People from all the 9 provinces of S.Africa & neighbouring countries live there . Unemployment is up to 39% ,  selling fruits , vegetables & recycling is a source of income with domestic workers , street shopkeepers also live here , corrugated iron houses which are very small maybe 3M per side with 3,4 even 5 people living in a one room shelter . we have Approximately 2000 houses or what we call houses ”shacks” in the settlement , Only about 60 outdoor small toilets ( long drops & chemical sanitations ) about 6 communal water taps . life is hard but people stay because they believe Johannesburg is the business hub of S.Africa .

Compassion, love & mercy for every man, woman & child

We understand the power of faith for the lives of children, adults and communities. This word Faith is all these people can depend on. The Corvid 19 Virus is a new added problem with all the crowding in the camp with only a few outside cold water facets throughout 2000 shacks. Therefore we are here to collaborate and rally to help as many directly as we can. With people who share common values of compassion, love and mercy and wish to help families & change a child’s life forever. Education is the key for the future of every child in poverty, but can't achieve these goals on our own. Believing that God works through all people, we collaborate with similar minded people in where children are the most vulnerable.