This website was started in March 2020 after my son and I went to South Africa for the first time on my dream trip. "A Safari"

I requested a tour operator to take us to Nelson Mandela Museum & around the city of Johannesburg prior to our Safari. I also wanted to see a Shanty camp. Banele Radebe our drive & big help getting us started on this project brought us to Nomzamo Shanty camp where we got a tour from Bongani Zitha, who had been in camp for 10 plus years with two children.  After seeing & educating us on the area I decided I should build them a website for marketing as they sell handmade products for food. 10 days later Covid hit the world hard as we were the last Safari in Africa.

That changed everything for me. The website was then created to help the people help themselves & provide the children with food whenever possible. My direct camp contacts are Bongani Zitha & Andi (Andiswa) Leve and we are constantly looking for new ideas to help the camp in any way.

Unemployment is 30% before Covid.
Cost of feeding a child per year $110.00
Pictures tell the story in Gallery section.

This site is dedicated all the people at camp Nomzamo & to my friend Cynthia ‘Shinta Katafiasz’ who had a great love of Africa. Rest in Peace girl.

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Our Thanks, Camp Nomzamo