Bongani Zitha (Bongs)

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My name is Bongani Zitha , I was born in Limpopo province and I was raised by a single mother in a village.  I’m the second born from three siblings . I came to Johannesburg and settled at the camp in 1995 . The reason I come here was to try and find greener pastures because back home in the village we don’t have much opportunities . I’m currently working as a site guide to show visitors from all over the world the living conditions in our community . 

NEO is the boy in denim jean & There is KAGISO the girl in a scotch dress .
Those are my biological kids , 14 year boy & 12 girl . My sister kids are in the middle in that picture. The boy’s name in a blue hat is KGOMOTSO he is also 12 years and the girl CHIKA is 10 years of age but she’s very tall for her age .😀😀 ✝️🙏🏽

(Bongs sister passed away a year ago at 41 from Covid. He is single & now takes care of his sisters kids.)